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The Faitheestyles tint spray is made with anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties. This product is specially designed to match lace for skin timings fair - deep complexion .

Directions: shake before spraying on bleached lace , you can either  blow dry after spraying lace or allow to air dry . NO NEED TO RINSE .

All shades are buildable, meaning you can add more layers to darken the hue. ( e.g1 light coat/layer of product for lighter hue , 2+ generous coats/layers for darker hue)


TIP for best results:

After bleaching knots and drying lace, Spray The Faitheestyles tint spray directly at the back of the lace , spray as much until you reach your desired shade .



Wear gloves and Keep out of reach of children.



The CARAMELLA  shade is best for fair to medium brown skin tones with Neutral to Warm (yellow, golden) undertones.

Honey brown :

The honey brown  shade is best for light brown to moderate brown skin tones with Neutral (golden, brown ) undertones.


The CHOCOLAT shade  is best for dark brown skin tones with Cool (Red) undertone.

BUIA brown :

The BUIA brown  shade is best for Dark brown to Darker skin tones with Neutral ( brown) undertones.